The United States military recognizes that it should rethink how to participate in “the theatre of war” throughout the comment World war of the twenty-first century. For the forces operating in the theatre to become more self-sustainable is something that top generals emphasize. When participating in an international military campaign, the United States military operation requires controls in place to work with allies and sympathetic local inhabitants to support its powers in the region and get the resources and safe water they need.

The Military Operation To Use Alternative Energy

However, it is not entirely accurate, because the Us could face unilateral drone attacks or consider itself in such a position where its partners are unable to provide the support it requires to perform an effective military operation.

Technical Research And Innovation

The United States military operation seems to be very open to alternative resources. That, with both the right technical research and innovation, might render it energy efficient, and at least greatly so, upon the battleground. The army is particularly interested in the formation of new nuclear power plants. That could be transported and used to generate theater-local power.

They are very energy efficient. They’re focusing on building them compact for the type of warfare seen in today’s extremely maneuverable, small-scale security actions. The extraction of fuel (for fuel cells) from ocean water. The most popular use for which the US army believes these small fission plants will be useful. Also it believes that converting salt water to fuel cells in this manner will have a smaller environmental impact. Than just its existing methods of staying provided in the profession.

Power Specialized Fuel Cells

In reality, when it happens to renewable energy sources, the army is most interested in seawater. Salt water could be mined indefinitely for fuel that can then be used to power specialized fuel cells. Salt water could also be turned indefinitely into desalination plants, potable through OTEC. Two of the most important items that a relatively close deployed armed action would need are potable groundwater or hydrogen for fuel.

Temperatures of over 1000 ° Celsius are found in the centers of nuclear power plants. Which, as previously mentioned, are instruments of considerable interest to the US army in shear viscosity.

Final Thoughts

The Military Operation

We get the most effective means of dissolving water through its individual components. Which have been molecular oxygen and hydrogen. When this intensity is combined with a heat transfer water-splitting process. And to open the land for the liquid operation, the crystals and salts found in seawater have to be removed through a seawater desalination. These may be used in products like vitamins or spice jars, and simply returned to the sea (recycling). Utilizing nuclear power stations to pump fuel from the ocean and then putting it into liquid fuels to power modern systems. Tanks, or ground vehicles,for instance, is obviously high mostly on the army’s R&D list of priorities.


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